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Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs


Decorate floor with these amazing rangoli kolam designs .

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The decoration of pongal kolam rangoli designs is not the main purpose of a pongal Kolam. In past days, pongal kolams rangoli designs were attracted coarse rice flour, so the ants would not need to walk too far or too ache for a feast.


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The rice powder likewise welcomed feathered creatures and other little animals to eat it, accordingly inviting different creatures into one’s home and regular day to day existence: a day by day tribute to amicable conjunction. It is an indication of welcome to welcome all into the home, not the slightest of whom is Lakshmi, the Goddess of thriving and riches. The examples run amongst geometric and numerical line drawings around a lattice of speaks to free frame craftsmanship and shut shapes. Old stories have developed to order that the lines must be finished in order to emblematically keep fiendish spirits from entering within the shapes, and in this way are they kept from entering the home.

Rangoli kolam used to involve pride to have the capacity to draw vast confounded examples without lifting the hand off the floor or standing up in the middle. The period of Margazhi was anxiously anticipated by young ladies, who might then feature their abilities by covering the whole width of the street with one major in pongal kolam.

In the rangoli kolam designs, many plans are gotten from mysterious themes and conceptual outlines mixed with thoughtful and religious themes which have been blended together.Motifs may incorporate fish, winged creatures, and other creature kolam rangoli designs images or pictures to symbolize the solidarity of man and brute. The sun, moon and other zodiac images were likewise utilized. The Downward pointing triangle spoke to the lady; an upward pointing triangle spoke to the man. A circle spoke of nature while a square spoke to culture.A Lotus spoke to the womb. A pentagram spoke to Venus and the five components for kolam designs pulli.

The custom kolam rangoli designs sukku made for extraordinary events, for example, weddings regularly extend the distance down the road. kolam rangoli designs images is huge numbers of these made examples have been passed on from era to era, from moms to girls.

Regular messages like welcome (நல்வரவு) can likewise be utilized as part of Pongal Kolam Designs . Volunteering to draw the pongal kolam at the sanctuary is some of the time done when an aficionado’s desires are satisfied. The craft of Kolam outlines has discovered its way into the future through interpersonal interaction locales like Facebook. Numerous pongal Kolam specialists have enormous fan followings on the web and are assuming a part in making the pongal Kolam rangoli design in each year likewise yet is work of art a key piece of South India’s contemporary workmanship scene.