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Free Hand Rangoli Designs Borders Images : Decorate borders with these Beautiful freehand Rangoli Designs.

Celebrate the forthcoming Indian Festive Seasons by drawing Beautiful Free Hand Rangoli Designs Borders at your homes, workplaces or any spots where you need to make best Rangoli Design. Rangoli assumes an extremely vital part in Indian convention. It’s trusted that rangolis avoid abhorrent spirits from homes and bring good fortunes. Customarily rice flour was utilized to make Rangoli plans since it can go about as a nourishment hotspot for little creepy crawlies and flying creatures. It is normally made amid Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal, weddings and other Indian celebrations.When you visit a typical Indian home, the first thing that catches your eye is the design at the doorstep.

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Freehand rangoli designs are of different kinds and differ from one place to another. While designs of North India are mainly defined pictures and are almost always colored, South Indians put dots and join them to create different pictures which are usually left uncolored. One of the most typical South Indian designs is to make the entire design in one flow, which means that a single line joins all the dots to create a complex artistic masterpiece. Temple designs, coconut designs, flower patterns, and various kinds of geometrical shapes characterize these designs. In the recent times, the concepts and designs used for making these welcoming arts at doorsteps have undergone tremendous metamorphosis and are very different when compared to the older designs.Traditional Rangoli has certain important requisites and one of the most important aspects is symmetry. Whatever be the design, symmetry is upheld from all directions in the traditional patterns. The reason behind the use of such symmetry is more spiritual than for visual appeal. Symmetry is indicative of unity, well being, growth, luck, and prosperity not just in Indian culture but also in cultures of different countries. Also, symmetry indicates the balance of natural elements and promotes calmness of the mind and soul.

White powder, which is coarsely ground rice flour, is used for rangoli. The use of rice powder is also a concept aimed at universal harmony. The rice attracts ants, small insects, and birds, indicating that nonhumans are welcome as well and that all creatures need to coexist. Borders and outlines are usually done in white. There is a reason for this as well. White is the color which is formed by the convergence of all colors of the universe. So, white indicates wholesomeness, unity, and integration of body and soul. White is also the color of purity and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.latest rangoli designs free hand is always drawn on clean surfaces, and very early in the morning. This is the time when the environment is at its purest. In Indian households, doorsteps are swept, washed and these designs are made. The person making the design has to bathe before making it. The whole process is greatly purifying.Every profound idea which is guzzled in a Rangoli brings a considerable measure of positivism, spirituality and a warm feeling to the home. It is not without reason that you feel welcome when there is a decent plan at the doorstep.

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