Rangoli Designs Images - A Place For All Rangoli Designs !!!!

Rangoli Designs Images - A Place For All Rangoli Designs !!!! Its nothing like anything!!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Floating Rangoli Designs Images

Floating Rangoli designs images are absolutely fun to make. You can place it anywhere you want. Unlike other Rangoli designs, it is not restricted only at the front of the home. These Rangoli designs images can be made at one place and you can carry it from there to anywhere. Floating Rangoli designs images mostly consists of kundan stones to make it more decorative.
Let us see how to make a floating Rangoli. Take an OHP sheet. Draw your favourite design of Rangoli in the sheet. Once you are done with this, cut the design and give the outline in glitter glue so that you get an attractive outline. And then colour the inner part with glass colours. Allow them to dry properly. Once it is dried, place the kundans in your designs appropriately. If you don’t find kundans, then filling it with the glass colours is enough, which makes the Rangoli looks simple and beautiful. After placing kundans, you can place a candle in the center of the design. You can make this to float anywhere you want. You can place it in a bowl, and display it front of the hall if Luckily there is a function in your home. Look at the mind-blowing Floating Rangoli designs images.

Floating Rangoli Designs Images

All that you need to get is different shapes of kundans with which you can make your Rangoli look awesome and beautiful. Hope you like these Floating Rangoli Designs Images. For queries, feel free to comment below.

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