Rangoli Designs Images - A Place For All Rangoli Designs !!!!

Rangoli Designs Images - A Place For All Rangoli Designs !!!! Its nothing like anything!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Flower Petals Rangoli Designs Images

Flower Rangoli Designs

Flower Rangoli designs are special kind of Rangoli designs which involves a lot of flower petals. Flower petals give a great kind of fragrance around the place where the Rangoli is drawn. It looks most decorative and attractive when you use flower petals to colour the pattern of Rangoli. If you are looking for a different kind of Rangoli without the colour powder, you can give a try for Flower petals Rangoli designs. You can draw these designs on any important occasions in your home. The Flower petals Rangoli designs are mostly seen in the places of Kerala during the time of OnamDuring the Onam, it is very much important for the people over there to decorate the Rangoli with flowers, since it is been followed for ages as a custom. Have a look at these awesome Flower petals Rangoli designs images.

Flower Petals Rangoli Designs Images

Hope you find this post useful. The only thing you need for this kind of rangoli designs photos which have a lot of flower petals which makes the place sanctity. For queries, feel free to comment below.
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